Sport -

We provide long-term service for various stadiums and sports organizations. We have the professional counting and scoring system, stadium management system and technical analysis system

Tournament Management Systems

It is a Sports Tournament Management System for schools, stadiums and enterprises, which has the functions of game registration, scheduling, roll call, result processing and report summary print.

Sport Live Video System

It is designed for gyms, which can be used to realize
overlapping displaying of real-time scores, displaying of players’
information, replaying of high-definition slow motions, summarizing
and replaying of best moments.

Sport stats system

This system can be used to create statistics info of game. You can create various kinds of events by the software. So the statistics report of game will be created. 

Video Arbitration System

This is a match management and score system for the gymnasium. Its functions include: Match management, Scoreboard display, Advertisement display, Live video playback, Statistics Report, etc

Video Arbitration System

Record high definition videos during the match, and playback them in slow motion. It can be used to arbitrate the dispute during the match.

Digital Scoreboard

It can be controlled by a mobile phone or a tablet, which can display team name, score points, time, message in various size, color and layout.