Ipoh's Traffic Revolution: STARS System's 51% Flow Boost with AI Innovation

Ipoh’s Traffic Revolution: STARS System’s 51% Flow Boost with AI Innovation

Ipoh has introduced the Smart Traffic Light with Intelligence Analytic (STARS), a collaboration between MBI and TM. Using AI, high-definition cameras, and video analytics, STARS optimizes traffic flow, achieving a remarkable 51% improvement during peak hours. The initiative aligns with MBI’s goal to make Ipoh a low-carbon city by 2030.

STARS is linked to the Ipoh Integrated Operation Centre (IIOC), utilizing Big Data, AI, and 5G. Ipoh is the first northern city to access 5G at 1 GB per second, with plans to add 98 more 5G sites by October. For more information, refer to articles on;

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