AdvanLED street Light

LED Street Light G5

AdvanLED most ambition street light yet, with high durablity and lighter in weight.

led street light - IOT system

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All-In-One Solar LED Street Light

Coming Soon! AdvanLED All-in-One Solar LED Street Light. A Solar, Battery and LED Light integrated eco-friendly illumination. Join the movement. Contact us!

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Major Manufacturer

AdvanLED is the major Street Light Manufacturer In Malaysia

Installed at Major Road

AdvanLED Street Light is installed at Major Road in DBKL, Putrajaya, JKR & Majlis Perbandaran All Over Malaysia

Certified Product

Product Approved under JKR / JMAL, SIRIM tested and 5 years product warranty

Latest Technology

AdvanLED LED Street Light uses Latest Philips Lighting Technology and it comes with 20KA Surge Protection