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LED Displays

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Malaysia’s best LED display solution provider; providing affordable outdoor & indoor LED advertising solutions that fits your business needs. The most cost-effective, well balanced between video image quality and price.

LED Display | LED Screen | LED Billboard | LED Display | LED Display Supplier Malaysia | LED Advertising Billboard

Led Displays is a new era advertising solutions using electronic device to present information including text, image, and video.In addition, it bring convenience for user to change the display information by using computer and software.

Indoor Led Displays starting to use in restaurant, hotel ballroom, show room, meeting room, events backdrop and function. This is because the effects of Led Display can easily attract the audiences.

Outdoor Led Display is highly demand by the market especially for Led billboard advertising. In addition, sport stadium starting to replace their traditional scoreboard to Led scoreboard recently.


The Pixel and the Pixel Pitch

One of the key criteria in selecting the LED Display is to identify the pixel pitch of the LED Display.The image above illustrates the minimum viewing distance suitable for various pixel pitch. To understand what is a pixel pitch, a pixel is first defined. A pixel is defined as the smallest element in the electronics display, and can be switched on/off with varying brightness levels. A pixel can be made up of a single LED, multiple LED’s of the same color or multiple LED’s from different colors. A group of pixels can be used to form characters, words, graphics and images. A pixel pitch is simply the distance from one pixel to the other. Viewing the display nearer than the minimum viewing distance would cause the images to look blurry and distorted.

Other Selection Criteria

There are many other criteria that could be added to the mix in determining the LED Display to be selected such as brightness levels, location of display (indoor or outdoor), type of LED’s (SMD or through hole) and etc. For more information on LED Display technology, head on to our applications section.