About LED Vision Sdn Bhd

Since our establishment in the year 2000, LED Vision Sdn. Bhd. has been faithful in our promise of providing high quality LED products and LED-centered solutions to our clients. Being the “One Stop LED Solution Centre” and catering to the different demands of each client is important to us. Using advanced technology, our products are certified green and energy-saving . LED Vision Sdn. Bhd. is located in the city of Malacca, about 90 minutes drive from Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia.


LED Display Division

We have extensive experience in Design, Supply, Install, Service & Maintenance of LED display boards over the years in Malaysia. This includes LED Billboards for advertising, LED Scoreboards, Variable Message Signage, LED Video Boards, LED Signage, Digital Billboards and LED Display Boards.

LED Traffic Division

Our LED Road Safety Products consist of the LED Hi-Flux Traffic Light, the LED Hi-Brite Traffic Light, the Pedestrian Touch Button, the Animated Pedestrian, the Traffic Countdown, the Toll Fare Indicator and the Radar Speed Sign. Especially in high demand is our (LED Hi-Flux Traffic Light/LED Hi-Brite Traffic Light?), the second generation of high power LED traffic lights, using only 6 to 8pcs of LEDs.

LED Lighting Division

In keeping with the new exciting trend of innovative LED lighting across the globe, AdvanLED caters to your every lighting need, from everyday, domestic use to ambient or accent lighting in high end boutiques. Our LED lights are also especially effective for general illumination use (wall lights, downlights) and also for project lighting (fountains). AdvanLED LED lights has guaranteed high brightness and high CRI, to effectively illuminate and enhance the ambience of your home or office.


It simply means that we have the experiences and capabilities to design, manufacture, supply and maintain excellent LED applications. At the same time, we ensure that we exceed the expectations of our customers by providing quality products in the shortest possible time.

” One Stop Total LED Solution Provider “


To become the world leader in LED application technology by providing the best experiences to our customer when it comes to LED Product.

Local Roots, International Network

With over 25 years of engineering and designing experience, our products are being used around the world in countries like Singapore, Thailand, U.A.E., Arab Saudi, Vietnam, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Australia. By incorporating our international connections and our throughout understanding and knowledge in the dynamics of the local industry, we are able to deliver the best to our clients.

Brand Promises

  • Personalized – Customized to individual customer needs.
  • Responsible – We are able to respond to any of your requirement or dateline in an assured manner.
  • Honest – We do business honestly and transparently, and we’re always innovating to give you greater value.