LED Vision Awarded MySTI Certificate!

Exciting news to share! Led Vision Sdn Bhd is thrilled to announce that we have been awarded the MySTI Certificate. MySTI, a government initiative, boosts local tech and innovation by endorsing our products with its logo, granting priority in government procurement. The MySTI inventory serves as a centralized hub, bringing forth recognized goods and services from local R&D, poised for successful commercialization. 🚀💡

Moreover, this certification empowers us to strategically and systematically market our local technology and innovation through the MySTI logo, reinforcing our commitment to excellence in the eyes of our clients and partners. The MySTI logo marking provides a powerful endorsement, showcasing our commitment to high standards and innovation.

In addition, being MySTI-certified offers us a significant advantage in government procurement. The recognition extends to priority consideration in government procurement processes, offering a unique opportunity for our goods and services to make a substantial impact. This is a testament to the government’s confidence in the quality and innovation associated with MySTI-certified products and services.

We are proud to leverage these advantages to drive our company’s growth, contribute to the local industry, and continue making strides in technological innovation. Thank you for your continued support on this exciting journey! #MySTICertification #InnovationExcellence #LedVisionSdnBhd 💡🚀