What is CTiTraffic?

CTiTraffic is a multi-junction A.I solution for the traffic junction management and automation tailor-made to your city. CTiTraffic solves traffic problems by enabling the traffic junctions to see, visualize, analyze, decide, and work with one another.

This is made possible by breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, cloud technology, and machine learning.

AdvanCTi provides 3-tier automation system that suits any needs of your smart city deployment.

CTiTraffic Product

Smart City Platform

ClearSight - AI CCTV - Smart City Solution

Traffic Controller

ClearSight - AI CCTV - Smart City Solution

ClearSight AI Camera

CTiTraffic LITE – Tier 1

The CTiTraffic Lite – Tier 1 provides user with a cloud system that allow them to view traffic data collected by the AI CCTV camera ClearSight.


On-Demand real time streaming

Monitor Traffic Junction with real time streaming on the CCTV Clearsight Camera.

Vehicle Counting & Classification

Our AI Clearsight CCTV camera will scan and count all vehicle that passes through a traffic junction and classify them.

Notification for not enough Green Time

Our system will give out notifications that a congested lane needs more green time based on the “Residuals”. Residuals is the leftover vehicles that remain at a junction once the traffic turns red.

CTiTraffic PRIMARY – Tier 2

CTiTraffic Primary uses our AdvanCTi Traffic Box to integrate or upgrade existing traffic controllers by connecting them through AdvanCTi Traffic Brain and AdvanCTi Platform.


On Demand retrieval of recorded Traffic Video

Monitor and retrieve Traffic Junction video according to your prefered date and time.

Automatic Extend Green time to clear the queue

Our AdvanCTi Traffic Brain will automatically extends green light time to clear the queue when it detect a high residual at a congested lane.

Red Light Violation & Incident Detection

Red light violation occurs when a vehicle enters an intersection during the red clearance time. Our clearsight cctv camera is able to detect the red light violation as well as an incident happen on the road.

CTiTraffic DELUXE – Tier 3

CTiTraffic Deluxe links traffic junctions in your city to produce greenwave and adaptively provides the required green time to ease the traffic.


SASCOO adaptive greenwave

SASCOO (Step Adaptive Split Cycle Offset Optimizer) is an AI system that enables the traffic junctions to continuously distribute green light time equitably for all traffic movement.

Origin-Destination Matrix

Origin-Destination Matrix provides the amount of vehicles traveling from specific origin to destination in the traffic network.

Journey time measurement

Journey time measurement provides individual vehicle journey time traveling across the traffic intersection.

Comparison Between SASCOO, SCOOT, and SCATS 

Developer LED Vision Transport Research Laboratory, UK Roads and Maritime Services NSW (Australia)
Adaptive Control
Optimizes Split
Optimizes Cycle
Optimizes Offset
Cameras for Detection X Partial
Sensors Used
Central Processing Cloud-based Central computer Decentralized
Green Wave Coordination
Machine Learning X X
Vehicle Tracking X X
Journey Time Data X X
Origin-Destination Data X X
Open Standard X X

*SCATS – Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System
*SCOOT – Split Cycle Offset Optimization Technique

In summary, all three systems provide adaptive signal control optimization using different architectures. SASCOO uses more advanced computer vision and machine learning techniques compared to SCOOT and SCATS. It also collects more data like vehicle tracking and origin-destination matrices. SCOOT uses centralized processing while SCATS is more decentralized. SASCOO was developed by LED Vision while SCOOT and SCATS are owned by research labs/government.

CTiTraffic’s Project Reference

Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh

The Ipoh City Council (MBI) is making great strides in technology through the Ipoh Smart City Action Plan. One of the things introduced by the council is to introduce traffic lights that use artificial intelligence (AI) to overcome the problem of traffic congestion.

The four locations where our system is installed are the intersection of Jalan Sultan Idris Shah and Jalan Laksamana; the intersection of Jalan Sultan Idris Shah and Jalan Datuk Onn Jaafar; the intersection of Jalan Sultan Idris Shah and Jalan Raja Musa Aziz; and the intersection of Jalan Sultan Idris Shah and Jalan Raja Ekram.

Datuk Bandar Ipoh, Datuk Rumaizi Baharin said, this system will help smooth the flow of traffic by up to 51 percent, especially during peak hours, thus saving time and cost for road users.