Introducing CTiLight

Your Smart Street Lighting Solution.


Experience seamless connectivity and control with CTiLight, connecting you to your city’s lighting assets and outdoor circuits.

Smart LED Lighting System

What is CTiLight?

CTiLight connects you to your city’s lighting assets, sensors, & outdoor circuits.

A strong data, strength, and infra backbone is the foundation of a truly connected smart city. That is how we planned and developed our solution, leveraging your city’s natural backbone: Street Networks.

Tier: 0

Virtual Assets Management

Tier 0 Virtual Assets Management

Keep Track of Important Assets Information

Tier: 1

Sentinel Gateway System

CTiLightTier 1 - Feature Image Design

Feeder Pillar Based Lighting Control System

Tier: 2

Nomad Gateway System

CTiLightTier 2 - Feature Image Design

Individual Lighting Point Control Nomad System

Why CTiLight?

CTiLight can realize your smart city aspiration, no matter what stages or limitations you are in. Let us walk you through different tiers of implementation with our series of scalable and upgradeable solutions.

CTiLight - Smart Lighting Solution

Smart Lighting Solution: CTiLight

CTiLight will help you achieve your smart city dreams, no matter what point you’re at or what obstacles you’re up against. Allow us to guide you through the various stages of implementation with our flexible and upgradeable solutions.



“It is our duty to provide the best solution for the city’s digital transformation.”

– AdvanCTi, LED Vision Malaysia

CTiLight Tier 0: Virtual Assets Management

Start managing your lighting assets without any new hardware investment.

Tier 0 Virtual Assets Management

Keep track of important assets data with AdvanCTi

CTiLight Tier 0 allows you to start managing your lighting assets without any new hardware investment.

Simply register your ‘not so smart properties’ in our AdvanCTi platform and begin monitoring the following data: installation date, make and model, remaining warranty period, related maintenance staff, maintenance logs, and so on.

Smart Lighting Solution - LED Streetlight

No Hardware Needed

When you use one of our streetlights, it comes with its own unique QR code.

Simply scan the QR code of deployed streetlights with our commissioning app to register them in AdvanCTi and begin managing your “not so smart” assets the smart way.

Manage Your Lighting Assets without Any Hardware Investment. 

Keep track of important assets information: Warranty Remaining Duration, Installation Date, Vendor & Installer, and Maintenance & Service Updates.

CTiLight - Tier 0 - AdvanCTi
CTiLight - Tier 0 - AdvanCTi

CTiLight Tier 1: Sentinel Gateway System

Sentinel Gateway system is Feeder Pillar Based Lighting Control System

Smart Lighting Solution


  • Remote control of up to 8 circuit groups.
  •  Automate control with calendar/scheduled profiles.
  • Automate control with sensor data.
  • Track On/Off duration.
  • Control any assets: Street lights, Flood lights, etc


  • Provide detailed insights about your lighting infrastructures.
  • Ease maintenance workflow.
  • Track lighting assets’ warranty.
  • Put your lighting assets on the digital map.


  • Real-time power consumption measurement and voltage
  • Auto-fault detection of the lighting assets.
  • Email/SMS notifications about lighting assets.
  • Generate general reports.
Smart Street Light Solution

Sentinel Gateway System

Feeder Pillar Based Lighting Control System

CTiLight Tier 2: Nomad Gateway System

This Nomad Gateway System is a long-distance wireless data transmission with access control for each lighting asset individually with the Lighting Point Control & Monitoring.

AdvanCTi - Smart Lighting Solution
AdvanCTi - Smart City Solution - NEMA



  • Using long-distance wireless data transmission to connect
    with the NEMA controller for each lighting asset.
  • Access control for each lighting asset individually.
    Assign dimming profiles to individual light points.


  • Measure power consumption & voltage usage for each
    lighting assets.
  • Auto-fault detection of the lighting assets.
  • Email/SMS notifications about lighting assets.
    Generate general reports.


  • This Nomad gateway is not limited to be installed in a
    Feeder Pillar. It can be on a light pole, a high ground
    location, anywhere. Hence, the name Nomad.
Nomad Gateway System

Nomad Gateway System

Individual Lighting Point Control & Monitoring.

NEMA Controller - Smart Lighting Solution

NEMA CONTROLLER (Luminiarries Controller)

AdvanCTi street light NEMA controller enables organizations and communities to create energy-efficient smart environments. The device allows enterprises and authorities to reduce their environmental footprint by orchestrating individual street light remotely, through a connected network of the device, cloud-based IoT platform and our IoT Network. The controller integrates with the LED light bulb through NEMA connectors, providing added robustness towards the external environment, making it ideal for outdoor deployments.


  • Input power: AC 85~265V 50/60Hz
  • Output power: AC 85~265V 50/60Hz
  • Measuring current, voltage, power, Power consumption detection function.
  • One way switch and 0~10V dimming signal output.
  • Monitor the working status of lamps and lanterns, anomalies output alarm.
  • Single lamp custom group control.
  • Local timing, latitude, and longitude control function.
  • Over-current protection, lamp condition detection, and default lighting functions.
  • Switch and dimming suitable for lamps, such as LED luminaires.
  • Overload protection design based on Security.
  • Radiofrequency: global free frequency band of 2.4G ISM.
  • Number of wireless channels: 16
  • Single network capacity: 65535 nodes
  • The thorough communication protocol of Zigbee, LoRA & NB-IoT wireless networking.
  • Industrial operating temperature range: -40°C~+85°C.
  • Easy and simple installation, can respond to the instructions sent by the centre in seconds.

NEMA Controller Technical Parameter

Luminaries Controller