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Introducing CTiLight

A truly connected smart city

What is CTiLight and how it benefits you?

CTiLight: Tier 0

Virtual Assets Management

CTiLight: Tier 0 allows you to start managing your lighting assets without any new hardware investment

Being able to Keep Track of Important Assets Information

Just register your lighting assets into our AdvanCTi platform and start tracking the information: Installation date, make & model, warranty duration left, maintenance team associated, maintenance logs, etc.

CTiLight: Tier 1

Sentinel System

Feeder Pillar Circuit Group Solution

CTiLight: Tier 1 allows you able to control and automate your city lighting assets by their circuit group.

CTiLight: Tier 2

Nomad Gateway System

Lighting Point Control & Monitoring

CTiLight: Tier 2 integrates your street lighting system and controlling them individually